Buzzcam GPS Booster

Buzzcam GPS Booster

For DJI Phantom Range  Designed for simple installation and removal

The Buzzcam GPS Booster is made from lightweight, precision cut plastic and incoporates a fully insulated triple layer copper and aluminium shield to enhance GPS reception and assist in the reduction of electronic interference to the sensitive GPS module.  Simply clips into place inside the upper casing of your DJI Phantom

Can be heat moulded perfectly into your shell contours with heat gun or hair dryer if required

No requirement for any fixings. Installed or removed in minutes

Suitable for all DJI Phantom, Phantom 2, Vision and Vision Plus models


Faster Home Lock

Significantly improved GPS satellite home  lock and

GPS flight mode  speed....

More Satellites

Increases the number of satellites found. Importantly this can make the difference between safe home lock or not....

Reduced Fly Away Risk

If your GPS doesnt know where it started from it will not  find its way home to you in RTH mode

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